German Import Drake is a large dog that has near perfect confirmation in every way. Titles he holds are SchH3 & BH. He has a huge, wide and blocky head along with a deep dark sable color. He has a crushing bite, is extremely protective but can turn it off when told. Drake loves kids and his family. we call him "our big teddy bear".



 "On Fire"

Very high drive, with incredible marking and coloration. Great confirmation. She is always eager to please and ready to work. Very protective and has a incredible bite,but also the most gentle dog you'll ever meet. AKC registered. Breeding in 2020.

"Jolly Opavia Hof"

Czech import female.
Title ZVV1.
Bred in Czech and brought to the United States pregnant. health tested. Extreme high drive.
This girl is incredible.
AKC Registered.