Jolly Opavia Hof

Czech import female. From Top working lines. She is dark sable with a stunning compact build. Highly intelligent and can be very intense when needed but is also one of the sweetest dog we know.
Title ZVV1.
Health tested. Extreme high drive.

Titles: ZVV1

DM Tested: Found Free of DM

HD/ED: Good/Normal


Born: May 1st 2014
Titles: RPD3
HD/ED: OFA good/normal (2 year)
DM Tested: Found Free of DM

Dory "River" is that big, tall and strong female that is 100% Czech bred. She is her families best friend and an intruders worst enemy!

Her father, Itar, is an active police dog that has excellent ball drive, very protective nature, large, strong body with calm temperament and strong nerves. His bites are strong, full and he's able to bite anytime, anywhere. We believe that he should sire pups that have excessive real protection qualities.

Her mother, Dipsy, is a very long, tall, sleek, beatiful black female. She is a nice easy dog to work with, with very good prey drive. Her mother came from the old breeding kennel, z Pohranicni straze. Her pedigree is loaded with great dogs.