*Green GSP*

Our green dogs are labeled so based on the following-
Obedience, ball/toy drive, protection, and food drive. 
 we have selected
"green dogs" which have displayed the potential to become great working dogs, but they are all training at different levels due to age or drive intensity. 
Green dog example: onleash obedience (sit, heel,stay ) passion and desire for toy
(enough to hunt when not visible) protection is confident, intense and with a full grip.
All puppies/dogs are re-homed as pet only refer to agreement page.We are looking for forever homes not breeders.


Zena has high toy/prey drive, high intelligence. Great working pup, perfect for search and rescue, personal protection and family companionship.
She is crate trained ,leash trained and sits. Reward based training.                                  DOB  6-11-19
Re-homing fee 2100

Forever Home Found

Found Forever Home

Forever Home Found


Forever Home Found

Shelby- Forever Home Found.