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Green German Shepherd Puppies & Trained German Shepherds Dogs

Our green dogs are labeled so based on the following-

Obedience, ball/toy drive, protection, and food drive. 

We have selected "green German shepherd puppies" which have displayed the potential to become great working dogs, family companions, police k9, search and rescue and much more  but they are all training at different levels due to age or drive intensity.  


All Protection/Trained Dogs for sale are social, intelligent, have been around children, familiar in homes and all the activities that an active home is filled with. They are crisp on obedience, affectionate, loyal, devoted and quick to respond. These dogs are wonderful additions to your family and love to be included on family outings to the great outdoors and because of their agility and stamina are excellent hiking and running companions providing the security needed when alone or for your family.

Pricing starts at 10,000-45k depending on the above factors.

Hercules z Yosemite


Hercules is one of the most impressive puppy’s that we have ever produced and had the honor of working with. Beginning only 6 months old, Hurc has shown great ability and focus. He has been raised around children and his best friend is our 4 year old son. His drive is remarkable with both food and toys. Hercules is going to be a huge boy with a big blocky head like his dad Zeus. Hurc is trained in basic obedience, well socialized, leash trained, started in bite work, house trained/crate trained and already has a good nose for scent work. Hercules' potential is endless. We will be extremely picky with who gets this special boy. If you feel you would make him the very best home, can give him everything he needs to succeed to his full growth and continue his training please give us a call.

D.O.B 10-01-22

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