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Solo German Shepherd dog

  “Vilik Majoruv Haj“ call name Solo
Solo is a large, big boned German Shepherd that has near perfect confirmation in every way. Solo is  Imported from The Czech Republic. He has a huge, wide and blocky head . His coloration is a deep solid black. Solo has a crushing bite, is very confident, extremely protective yet is very controllable.  Not only is he from the best working bloodlines in the world we would also say best looking with remarkably healthy genetics. He is the grandson of the 3X WUSV World Champion "Hank vom Weinbergblick". Hank won 3 WUSV World Champion title in a row: 2012 Steyr, Austria, 2013 Philadelphia, USA and 2014 Hagenau, French. Hank was the first German shepherd, who won 3-time WUSV WCh title ever . The score has never been beaten and probably never will. His pedigree is one of the best the World.   Besides being a beast on the field Solo is quite comfortable being a lovable lap dog with his human children laying all over him. His favorite activities  include playing horsey with his four year old handler.


Registered Service Animal

ED-0,HD-0/0,ED 0/0. 

Top German Shepherd pedigree
German Shepherd dog
3 time World Champion German Shepherd
World Champion German Shepherd dog
Top German Sherpherd Dog
Top German Shepherd Dog
Top German Shepherd Dog
Zues Mineo German Shepherd

                      Zeus Mineo                           

     When it comes to looks and conformation  Zeus is in his own lane. He has a massive, blocky head with an incredibly built body. Zeus comes from some of the best working bloodlines in the world and is imported from The Czech Republic.  He has been awarded a special title for his performance and skills. Besides his crushing bite and excellent protection qualities Zeus is also extremely gentle and affectionate with  children and his human companions. He is both obedient and eager to please, a quality that his puppies all display as well. His coloration is a very unique black sable. Zeus' abilities are endless and as a service animal he has  shown magnificent traits. His ability to read situations as well as his handlers are absolutely incredible. Here at Yosemite Shepherds we are constantly impressed and astonished by his cool and collected demeanor and ease of training. 

Titles -  BH-VT,  ZZO 1     

Registered Service Animal 


ED-0, HD-Normal.

Top pedigree german shepherd
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog


Lexxy German Shepherd dog

  Lexxy Z Vodnanske Doliny

Lexxy is imported from The Czech Republic. She is incredibly skilled with a remarkable drive and strong bite. Her color is a stunning black sable with almost perfect conformation. Lexxy is a phenomenal defense dog and also loves being around her human children and her family. She is a true “Gem ”and one of our prized females. She is highly intelligent with an incredible nose for tracking.  The love and protection she has for us and our children comes very natural to her. 

Registered Service Animal 

HD 0/0, ED 0/0

  HD-A1 (free)


German Shepherd dog Pedigree
German Shepherd Dog Nova

Nova is an outstanding working line German Shepherd who is built like a brick house from her short and stocky body to her deep red and black coloration with an Impressive pedigree to match. On her mothers side the pedigree is loaded with UNIVERSAL, WUSV, BSP and LGA champions. Her father was a Import from The Czech Republic and all his lineage holds titles of IPO 3 and so much more. But enough about her parents, let's talk about our Super Nova. Nova is an extremely driven k-9 who has several awards for her abilities. She is a brave protector of her human kids and family but also is a huge sweetheart and very gentle.  She has a crushing bite and is all about defense. This fierce, driven and loyal female is nothing short of spectacular. Her on and off switch is on point.   We are so proud and constantly impressed by our Super Nova.


 DM: Cleared by parentage

 ED/HD Good(free) Normal(free)

Top Pedigree German Shepherd dog
German Shepherd dog

Oxi is an extraordinary female with a large bulky head and a long/big boned body with a black sable coloration to top it all off. She has excellent conformation. Oxi was Imported from The Czech Republic. This girl truly has a heart of gold with a pure love for her family and human kids. Oxi is one of the top protectors for our family and home. Oxi has a high drive to please and is always eager to learn new things. Her defense is strong along with her bite. One of her favorite things to do is go on family hikes or just stopping by one of our local farmers markets. 

Oxi is from well known world champion bloodlines including her dad “Zir Fihrak”, “Hopper Vom Brachtpetal” ,Vrisco Niox along with so many others. Oxi is one of a kind and we are so proud that she is a part of our family at Yosemite Shepherds.


DM-N/N , ED-0

HD-A (free)

Top Pedigree German Shepherd dog
Black German Shepherd Dog

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