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Our philosophy is to only breed quality working line German Shepherds who have top bloodlines, health and temperaments to back them up. 

German Shepherd Dog Solo

Welcome to Yosemite Shepherds, home of our world class working line German Shepherds. We are known around the World for our German Shepherds that don't just have the most remarkable temperament, but are health tested 5 to 10 generations back with looks and conformation that are unmatched anywhere in the United States. We believe our dogs to be the superior working line German Shepherd puppies that everyone deserves to own and have as a part of their family.
Our Shepherds are more than just dogs, they are members of our family. We select our dogs with precision and care to bring you the highest quality German Shepherd on the market. All our Shepherds are well suited as personal or family companions, service animals, search and rescue dogs, family protectors and so much more. The German Shepherds we bring up have an excellent temperament and drive, leading to a very moldable and easily shaped dog for whatever your needs may be. We have some of the best bloodlines in the world, Including 3X WUSV World Champion bloodlines.
We only have shepherds that have a stable personality, high intelligence, courageous yet eager to please their humans.
Our shepherds are all around dogs. 

 Black German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog
World Champion German Shepherd
German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog


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