Our philosophy is to breed quality working line German Shepherds who have top bloodlines,health and temperaments to back them up. 


German Shepherds for sale
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 Our Dogs, are more than just dogs they are members of our family. We select our dogs very carefully to bring you a superior
dog, family protector, with an excellent temperament. We have some of the best bloodlines in the world, Including 3X WUSV World Champion bloodlines.
We only have shepherds that have stable personality,
high intelligence, and are courageous and fearless, but eager to please their humans.
Our shepherds are all around dogs.
Sport, personal protection, service dog, family companion ,Search & Rescue and so much more.

Our puppies are given both personal & professional attention until they leave our home.  All our dogs are socialized with
people, kids and other animals before they are re-homed. We want the best fit/match for our puppies and our clients who adopt them.