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Puppy/Dog Training Services

With 10 plus years of experienced dog handling and training we are proud to offer our assistance with your puppy/dog training and behavior needs, be it one of the puppies you've purchased from Yosemite shepherds, a puppy from another breeder or just your older dog you may want to brush up on some training or fix a bad behavior that has developed. We have all seen out of control dogs that create havoc wherever they go, frustrating their owners and constantly staying “in the doghouse.” 


By training a dog to walk on a leash and to follow basic commands such as sit, stay, heel, down, and come you help him or her become a good citizen.  A well-trained dog knows what is expected and delights in pleasing people. Dog trainers play a huge role in turning around the lives of canines and their owners.

We  believe there are no bad dogs, just bumps to be evened out with the Correct tools and techniques. Whether it is socialization, behavior , aggression issues or just your basic puppy training needs we've got you covered. We can accommodate your needs via home evaluations and training, outdoor training sessions, socialization training outing and group training sessions. We offer a variety of packages to fit your personal and financial needs.

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